Buyers Beware!  Bandwagoners Abound! 

Increased interest in restorative justice in schools appears to have attracted some folks to the field who have little understanding of what RJE really is. This is potentially dangerous to the movement in that these folks could cause more harm than good by giving people the wrong information about RJE. (Hint: it’s not a thing that you do. It’s bigger than that.)

If you have been approached by someone “selling” RJE – particularly in a slick package – do your due diligence before signing on the dotted line. Here are some questions to guide your inquiry:

  • Is the consultant a member of a major restorative justice organization? For how long?   

  • How many years has the consultant been involved with RJ and in what capacity?           

  • What kind of training has the consultant had, and who conducted the training?           

  • Who have they worked with? Who can recommend them? Are they known to others in the field? Do they have a good reputation in the field?           

  • What evidence do they have of success, and how do they define success?          

  • Are they “selling” a one-size-fits-all approach (like a “program”)?         

  • Do they appear to present simplistic “quick-fix” solutions to complex problems?

There are more questions for you to consider on this webpage thanks to Nancy Riestenberg and Living Justice Press!